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When Service Unavailable Page displayed in Salesforce Communities

 The Service Not Available page appears when the site is not available because of a service outage. When the site is up and running, the page has no impact on the user’s experience of the site.

Follow this document to set up  Service Not Available page in Experience builder site.

Note that This feature is available for sites that have enabled the standard content delivery network (CDN) system with a custom URL set for your site.

To enable Experience Cloud CDN, Follow this document

Note that Experience Cloud CDNs are supported in production environments. They aren’t supported in Developer or Partner Developer editions because they don’t support custom domains. They also aren’t supported in sandbox environments.

Below are the couple of reasons why the page can be displayed.

1. Service Unavailable Error could occur because of Server/Instance Service disruption. The service disruption can be monitored via

2. When Special characters like "< ,>,( ,),{,},[,] ,!" are added to the custom URL of the salesforce sites, the URL will return the 503 error. 

3. Network issue could also cause this error.

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