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Sharing access to profile or permission set via API in Salesforce

 There are certain scenarios where we cannot or may be difficult to open up access (of object, Field, Pages or Classes) in profile or permission set directly via UI. In this article, we will see two such scenarios and check the alternate approach. Use Case : Sharing Class or Page access to profile or Permission Set via UI is not possible when your organization have a lot of classes already. The UI will throw an internal error because of heap size limit exception hit while loading all the classes from the organization. Hence We need an alternate way to share the class with profile Sometimes you receive a request to move object permissions or Field level permissions of an object during a deployment window. You are in need of faster approach to move the permissions instead of manually copying the permissions. To start with, Let’s first understand the profile data model. Each profile is linked to an underlying permission set which is the parent of the objects SetupEnt