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Too Many redirects error for Salesforce domain URL

When accessing the Salesforce pages, you may experience an issue where an infinite loop occurs and blank page appears. This could typically result in errors such as :
  • Redirected you too many times

Solution :

1. This could be issue where the cookie needed for Salesforce is blocked by the browser application.

To allow the cookies, Go to cookie settings with this link chrome://settings/cookies

Add the following sites in the setting 'Sites that can always use cookies'


2. Due to Session Setting --> "Lock sessions to the IP address from which they originated"

Enabling the above setting can cause  too many redirect errors, When the customer's login IP does not match the remote address IP in the request.

3. Instance Refresh

 An instance name identifies where your Salesforce org is hosted. During instance refresh, Your org is migrated to new instance. . If your organization has hard coded references to old instance and clicking these hard coded url can result in too many redirect errors after instance refresh.

Fixing the hardcoded references will solve these issues. We can also try enabling 'Stabilize Visualforce, Experience Builder, Studio, and content file URLs'. You can see this setting under My domain--> URL Stabilization

This setting will remove the instance names from Visualforce, Experience Builder, Studio, and content file URLs. Removing the instance name makes domains shorter and easier for users to remember. After enabling this setting,  a URL that includes the instance name, such as a bookmark, automatically redirects to the new hostname.

I hope this article helps. Thanks for your time in reading this. Cheers :)