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Custom Lightning component not showing in Community Builder

 Sometimes We can see that the lightning component we create, will not be displayed under 'Custom Components' of community builder. There are a few reasons for that.


 1. Make sure that the component implements the interface 'flexipage:availableForAllPageTypes' and access level to 'global'.


 2. Sometimes Lightning component can have design file which renames the component name. The component will be displayed with the label name provided in design file.


<design:component label="Welcome">

The above component will be displayed with the name 'Welcome' in Community builder.

3. Also Object specific Lightning Components are not available in the Component list in Community Builder. For this kind of errors, the most likely cause is that the page variation needed for that specific component has been deleted.

Ref :

4.When accessing the Community Lightning Builder, We may notice that almost all of the standard components are not listed in the Component Tree.

This is generally an indication that Chatter has been turned off within your organization.

Ref :

5. Component does not display if the component has any errors. Create a lightning app or lightning tab and check if the component is working without any error.

Errors can be in component's bundle or any apex code involved. In case of apex, Perform compilation step on all Apex classes & triggers.  Correct all the compilation errors.

Some Known Issue around this.

1. If aura:attribute name and type are the same, component does not show up in community builder and lighting app builder when used in a managed package
Link :

2. In certain Instances, managed package components will not be shown in Community Builder/App Builder
Link :